Kubuntu on a Lifebook P1610

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I bought the Fujitsu Siemens Lifebook p1610 about 3-4 months ago and only now I feel that I have gotten all the goodies to work the way they are supposed to. Therefore I will now tell you what I did, and how I got it to work.

I choose to install Kubuntu since I want a stable and modern Linux distro, and since Ubuntu uses gnome (which btw is ugly) Kubuntu was the perfect choice!
After install everything seems to be working properly.

Since the new Kubuntu 7.04 the graphics works out of the box. Before, I had to install a package called "915resolution" but now it just works!

It just works!

However don't kid yourself, the speaker sounds like a bad mobilephone!

But, just when you think life is wonderful and the world is free of raptors, theres this little thing called a touchscreen...
The touchscreen did not work at start and I really did not know what to do. All of the sudden, the sky opened and I saw GOD! His name is Sam Engström and this is his homepage.
As all the other gods, Sam spends his time hunting raptors and hacking perl. Sam Engström made a perl script to fix the touchscreen for the Lifebook p1510 so I tried it out and it worked for the p1610! All you do is this:
  1. Make sure you have the X11::GUITest module for perl, if not: CPAN it.
  2. sudo setserial /dev/ttyS0 irq 4 port 0x220 autoconfig
  3. sudo chmod a+rwx /dev/ttyS0

Then you can run this script. Go, touchscreen go!

Ok, I haven't played around with this for so long but it's not hard to hack a nice solution. All you do is this:
echo ANUMBER | sudo tee /proc/acpi/video/GFX0/LCD/brightness

where ANUMBER is one of these numbers: 0,15,29,43,57,71,85. 0 is absolutely black, 85 is as bright I can get it. It doesn't get as bright as the screen is after a clean boot, but near enough. I don't know why, but hey, I can lower the brightness and save battery power, I'm happy.

Ok, so now you have a fully functional linux on your p1610. It's time to relax and practice your raptor slaying skills with 24 hours of consecutive Quake III playing. Here's how you do it:
sudo mkdir -p /usr/local/games/quake3/baseq3

Now you take your Quake III CD and copy the pak0.pk3 to your baseq3 catalogue. It's a large file (about 500MB). Proceed by doing this:
cd /usr/local/games/quake3/
sudo wget -c ftp://ftp.idsoftware.com/idstuff/quake3/linux/linuxq3apoint-1.32b-3.x86.run
sudo chmod +x linuxq3apoint-1.32b-3.x86.run
sudo ./linuxq3apoint-1.32b-3.x86.run

So now you have installed Quake III. But sometimes the sound just won't work. This is what I did to get the sound working for the P1610:
echo "quake3.x86 0 0 direct" | sudo tee /proc/asound/card0/pcm0p/oss

This has to be done after every reboot. Now start the game with:
Let the carnage begin!!